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The systemic vision allows you to see the world through a different lens.

It is an extremely effective and holistic method, which enables you to clearly distinguish between different perpectives and options. In effect, it allows you to approach issues and questions in ways that did not seem possible earlier, and to deal with them successfully. This not only increases your self-awareness; it makes you more productive in your daily sphere.

The Systemic approach

  • is a value-based and constructive approach
  • helps you use and activate your existing resources to explore new solutions, to achieve your goals and resolve your issues
  • allows you to explore different possible solutions
  • help you act, and choose the best path forward
  • encourages you to look at the past in a detached and practical manner
  • helps you to use the lessons of your own history to approach your current issues
  • Creates a secure environment, enabling you to draw new insights and form concrete, individual action steps that can be a radical departure from past patterns
  • allows you a different view into and of yourself
  • helps examine interrelationships to make them more rewarding
  • frees you, creates a flow and gives you energy, while opening yourself for new and effective ways of thinking and acting
Solutions In Sight, offer - systemic coaching, consulting, mediations

Set of Offering

You may find yourself, today, at a cross-road in your life, blocked by circumstances, or constrained by conflicting demands. You may want to explore new perspectives, to break free from past patterns or, to re-discover your full potential and energy.

In such situations and more, Solutions In Sight helps you find your individual path towards your desired outcome.

Some of the benefits of systemic coaching and constellations are listed below. It allows you to:

  • clarify and define your individual values and goals
  • identify and follow your motivations and ambitions
  • reflect upon your position in your organization
  • develop your role
  • improve your cooperation with colleagues and superiors
  • improve your time management capabilities
  • develop and strengthen your leadership and/or team skills
  • re-orient / transition, and in organizing a change
  • prevent burn-outs
  • re-center your attention to your resources and goals
  • evaluate your actions, ressources, limits, triggers and use them in a profitable way
  • and many more

The Offer:


Systemic Coaching & consulting

Are you looking for new possibilities to act or unexpected options for your present and future choices?

The ultimate goal of systemic coaching is the development and growth of new and individual thought processes, leading to new ways of action and allowing you to approach situations in ways that did not seem possible before.

Systemic coaching helps you build more self-awareness, and become even more comfortable in yourself and your choices. It helps release your energy, and makes you feel lighter and more vibrant as a person.

It sheds a new light on contexts, connections and correlations and, thus creates new and stronger possibilities in perception, action and behaviour. It helps you tap into your own inner energy and resources while clarifying and balancing inter-actions between your role, function, organisation and your personal goals.

The fundamental changes that can accompany an effective systemic coaching program increases your self-reliance and your strength, allowing you to find new, sustainable solutions to your questions. It provides the foundation and platform for a long-term increase in your personal productivity, energy and well-being.

Systemic Coaching and consulting can be done in one-to-one settings as well as in team and group settings.

Systemic Oganizational Constellations

The Systemic Organizational Constellations are a useful and inspiring tool to quickly find replies to your questions and to reveal dynamics within the business context. This can be beneficial, for example, when there is a hesitation to take a decision or, when you want to discover the reason for a difficult situation, and overcome the factors that block you.

The constellations can be used to help both, intrapersonal and interpersonal issues.

The constellations help you find new options to enable you to influence, realign or change your situation, leading to fresh clarity and resolutions you can act upon.

Systemic Constellations

  • are a facilitated process which create a physical and spatial representation of the underlying relationship architecture
  • offer a practical, respectful and profound intervention that illuminates hidden dynamics and reveal new paths to resolution
  • enables you to become free from issues that stick and block you and and frees you from familiar stories or obstructive patterns
  • illuminate and activate hidden ressources and restores the balance and flow of energy inthe whole system

Constellations can be done in a one-to-one setting or in group setting.

Mediation for organizational and business conflicts

Mediation is a structured and certfied procedure to resolve disputes, tensions, misunderstandings and conflicts between two or more conflicting parties with concrete effects.


Some of the situations where mediation is effective are:

  • you have a concrete conflict with a colleague or superior
  • bullying
  • underlying tensions make your working relationship difficult
  • you have the impression that something unsaid makes your working relationship impossible
  • more

The aim of mediation is to work out a mutually satisfying resolution for all conflicting parties. The mediator is an impartial facilitator between the conflicting parties, who creates mutual understanding and accompanies both parties on the way to their solution.


Your success through mediation:

  • Cooperation instead of confrontation
  • Solution-oriented method of working
  • Win-Win Solution: both parties win
  • Efficient and sustainable results
  • Improvement of your working relationships
  • Mutual understanding and better communication leads to better long-term relationships and personal well-being
About Mona Bielmeier - systemic coach and mediator

About Me

Mona Bielmeier


  • Executive Systemic Coach and Consultant (DGSv)
  • Certified Mediator (IfAP)
  • Masters degree in Marketing & Comparative literature
  • Worked over 13 years in various industries in small-, medium- and large-cap global companies
  • Strong leadership experience
  • Intercultural background and sensitivity
  • Spoken languages: fluent in German, English and French

How do I work?

I bring sensitivity, warmth and energy, as well as strong analytical skills and humour to our coaching relationship. During our sessions, I create a comfortable, transparent and goal-oriented environment. I am dynamic, precise, and help you discover resolutions quickly, allowing you to act and thus see and live the results of our coaching immediately.

Solutions In Sight, frequently asked questions, FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The target group who will benefit the most from the offer includes:

  • Individuals, teams and groups in business contexts
  • CEOs, Managing Directors, Executive Leaders, Head of Departments, or Employees with significant levels of responsibility, who want to increase their levels of effectiveness as individuals and professionals, at their current and future positions in the hierarchy. This will also help them deal effectively with increased levels of complexity.

How long does it take to get a first appointment?

Face to face meetings can generally be set up within two weeks.

How many sessions are generally recommended?

This can vary, depending on the needs and complexity of the assignment. You can use the following estimates as general guidelines:

  • Generally, a face-to-face coaching would take 7-10 sessions.
  • Team coaching 5 – 10 sessions
  • A systemic constellation can be a one-time intervention, requiring approx. 1,5 to 3 hours.
  • Mediation between 3 hours and 6 meetings, depending on the context.

What if I live in another country?

We can agree on travelling arrangements to your company/country.

In specific and exceptional cases, Solutions in Sight offers advice and consulting also via Skype. This is done on request.

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